We believe that paradise is not a destnation but is within us.

We believe that generosity always makes a difference.

We believe in business that exists to help the less fortunate.

We believe that together we can be the change makers.

We believe that we would rather try and fail then not try at all.

We believe in less talk and more action.

We believe that when you see an injustice you are then responsible.

We believe that love makes you do crazy things.

We believe that paradise can be anywhere!

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A partnership with Thrive Madagascar

Manaritsoa, otherwise known as ‘The Complex’ is one of the poorest slum areas in in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. This community is so poor that kids sharing one plate of food once a day is a common occurrence –sometimes even without a plate. Families numbering anything between three and fifteen individuals, occupy cramped, dilapidated shacks These ‘homes’ are next to canals so filthy from factories and homes upstream dumping their sewage and waste, and further used by the residents as a latrine because there are no sanitary facilities. Tap water is paid for and collected from communal taps. Cheap as the tap water is, it is often unaffordable for the residents who instead use the filthy canal water.

We want to bring practical solutions to these starving, struggling people.

The Living Centre was established to provide an oasis in the slums. We also provide daily breakfast for 40 of the poorest kids in the area and we could host up to 150 if there were more funds available.

The Living Centre also runs a range of vocational training programs including computing, English language classes, sewing and hairdressing. As alcohol abuse is a huge problem, we have recently started hosting regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well. Scripture and bible study classes are also held to provide spiritual nourishment to those who seek it.

We want to welcome more children in to be fed, and more adults to be trained. Your donation can permanently and positively impact their lives as well as change Madagascar’s future.



Meet Chris and Nadia an incredible couple changing the world by bringing their gifts to the lost and broken. Chris is from the USA and is a genius at making things! Including solar cars, houses out of shipping containers and much more. Nadia is from the Central Coast Australia. Over the last decade or so Nadia studied medicine, then served and worked in countries throughout the continent of Africa. For awhile she worked with HIV positive children and adults in Zimbabwe.
These guys not long ago became parents to gorgeous Manny . They are living in a refugee camp in South Sudan. The camp is home to about 100 000 refugees from the Nuba Mountains. For over five years, Sudan’s government has waged a bombing campaign against civilians it accuses of supporting Nuban rebels. This campaign has terrorised the people of the Nuba Mountains, forcing many to flee their homes to Yida, 12km south of the border in South Sudan.
Chris and Nadia plan to partner with the local church and refugee council to bring help and education where possible. To stand in solidarity as a family with these people who have lost so much.
These guys are heroes in our eyes and we are looking forward to sharing the journey they are on with you and in partnering in some exciting projects with them.

You can read Nadia's blog posts at The Place.


We have partnered with The Didi Foundation to feed 40 children at Jagriti School in the Kathmandu Valley. These 40 children are very poor and work as slaves in the brickyards for hours a day and then turn up to school with no food. Didi has established a food program where each of these children will receive a small snack each day. With your help we are funding this program. Its our hope that this small snack will become a good hearty meal as we move towards setting up a fully functioning kitchen in the school.






The Welcome to Paradise Foundation was created as the charitable side of Christian M Laing Surfboards. Owners Chris and Adelle Laing are passionate, driven people with a heart to use their business to help the less fortunate around the world and to bring their customers along on the journey.

With a dream to bring Paradise to those who need it most they started by first running charity events from a cafe they owned and hosting dinners for the homeless and needy in their community for free.

Their dream to go global came very quickly when they took a group of volunteers from the cafe over to Madagascar in 2013 to help finish off an childrens home in the country. The trip was meant to be a one off but...they saw a need that they could not ignore. This is when The Living Centre was birthed.

The foundation is also supporting two incredible aid workers in South Sudan. We recently returned from an Aid Tour with The Didi Foundation in Nepal and we are now also funding a food program in a high school for children who work as slaves in the brickyards. It was devastating to visit this school and hear the stories of children working for many hours before and after school as slaves and then turning up to school with no food. We are blessed to be a blessing!

The drive to help more people both in Australia and abroad is becoming stronger each day. The future of the Welcome to Paradise Foundation is BIG! Hope you can join us as we bring paradise to those who need it most.




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